Queen Elizabeth II - 80 Glorious Years - Limited Edition Silver Stamp Showcase

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Queen Elizabeth II - Eighty Glorious Years

Boxed set of 8 silver stamps

17/06/06 limited edition to 2006 items this is No.191

These beautiful silver stamps are the first of their kind to be issued by Royal Mail. Only 2006 sets have been made. The first has been presented to the Queen as an 80th Birthday gift.

The stamps where made in holland using processes pioneered and patented by the Royal Dutch Mint. An innovative, multi staged process was employed to produce very thin stamps made out of precious metal. Apart from the raw material, the main difference lies in the way the minting dies are made.

Convention minting involves the creation of a two or three dimensional model that is accurately reduced on to a matrix. But these stamps are the result of a totally new process known as Minted Photo Image, or MPI. MPI uses laser technology to transform a photographic image into ultra delicate inscriptions on the matrix. The extraordinary 'three dimensional' product is in your hand.

The silver stamps are not hallmarked. There is a very good reason for this. Tests showed that they might be too delicate to withstand the hallmarking process. If they weighed 7.78 grams or more, they would be obliged to hallmark by law. But as each se-tenant pair weights only a feather light 27 grams, the risk was not worth taking.

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Queen Elizabeth II - 80 Glorious Years  - Limited Edition Silver Stamp Showcase


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